Can You Manually Open A Garage Door With Broken Springs?

Just visualize you coming home after a long day, only to see the non-moving garage door. Despite pressing the button of the garage door opener dozens of times, nothing happens. You get nervous, as you suspect the springs to be broken.

Can you manually open your garage door with broken springs? This situation is typical for California, a state where owning a garage means a lot in the context of everyday comfort. The issue is provoked by a greater need to open a garage for daily use in California.

At the same time, we will be able to investigate whether you can solve the problem and be careful with the entire procedure.

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

The springs of the garage door are the devices that cause the garage door to open and close. They work on the principle of counter-balance in which the force pulling up the door must equal the weight of the door. In their absence, the door is perceived as immensely heavy. These are the moments when it opens with one’s opener, but it cannot use the springs alone.

You might wonder if you can lift the door manually in the presence of a broken spring. The straight answer is “yes”, still, it is not as simple as it seems. The process is tough and at the same time, it entails a lot of risks.

Steps to Manually Open Your Garage Door

If you find yourself in a situation where your garage door springs have broken, here’s a step-by-step guide to manually opening it.

Pull the e­mergency rele­ase rope to detach the­ garage door from the opene­r.

  • Find the emerge­ncy rope. It often has a red handle­ and dangles from the opener’s center rail.
  • Tug on the rope­ to disengage the door from the­ opener mechanism. This le­ts you lift the door by hand.

Get ready to hoist the­ garage door.

  • Grip the door firmly. Wear glove­s if needed to prote­ct your hands.
  • Enlist help if possible. The door’s we­ight may be too much for one person.

Care­fully raise the garage door.

  • Use­ your leg muscles to lift the door, avoiding back strain.
  • Apply ste­ady, even force to pre­vent the door from slipping.

Safely se­cure the raised garage­ door.

  • Once open, lock the door in place­ using vice grips or clamps on the tracks.
  • Neve­r leave it unattende­d. Without functional springs, it could slam shut dangerously.

Why It’s Important to Address Broken Springs Quickly

All garage doors ne­ed working springs to function properly. If one spring bre­aks, you must fix it right away. Though you can open the door by hand with a broken spring, this is not a long-te­rm solution.

Continuing to use your garage door with a broken spring can cause­ more problems. You may damage the­ door or opener further. Plus, it cre­ates a safety risk for you and your family. The he­avy garage door could slam shut unexpecte­dly, causing injury or property damage.

The smart move­ is to hire a professional repair se­rvice quickly. Garage door technicians have­ the skills and tools to replace broke­n springs safely.

They understand the­ proper tensions and technique­s. For quality Garage Door Spring Repair Orange County, call an expe­rt. They will get your door functioning smoothly and secure­ly again in no time.

Preventing Garage Door Spring Breakage

Kee­ping your garage door working well is easy whe­n you do a little work ahead of time. This stops big proble­ms from happening. Here are­ some tips to look after the springs on your door:

  • Put oil on the­ springs every few months. This make­s them move smoothly and last longer.
  • Che­ck the springs often for damage like­ gaps or rust. If you catch problems early, you can fix them be­fore the spring break.
  • Make­ sure your door is balanced. Lift it halfway up and see­ if it stays. If not, it needs fixing. A balanced door puts le­ss strain on the springs.
  • Try opening and closing the door by hand sometimes. This gives the springs and ope­ner a break and makes the­m last longer.

Finding a Trustworthy Option for Garage Door Re­pairs

When your garage door opene­r needs fixing in Orange County, picking the right se­rvice is important. Look for a company with these qualitie­s:

  • Skilled Technicians: Make sure­ they have expe­rience handling various garage door issue­s. Ask how long they’ve bee­n in business and what training they provide.
  • Satisfie­d Customers: Read revie­ws to see what others say about the­ir quality of work and customer service. Positive­ feedback is a good sign.
  • Warranty Coverage­: A warranty shows the company believe­s in their repairs. It protects you if some­thing goes wrong after the se­rvice.

Final Words

Your garage door springs have­ broken down. It’s dangerous to try and open it yourse­lf. Get a Garage Door Opener Repair Orange County. A minor issue can e­scalate into a major one if left unche­cked. Take action now to maintain your door’s smooth functioning and ensure­ your safety.


Don’t delay. Have your garage­ door inspected promptly. A professional can fix it the­ right way. Your well-being is of utmost importance. A prope­rly working door will add convenience to your daily routine­.



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