DIY Vs Professional Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Repair

Roaming in the middle of a park or a street while talking on your phone. Suddenly, your mobile slips and falls down on a hard stoned road. You hear the dreadful clink as you reach for your phone, and your heart sinks. As you pick it up, expecting the worst, you see that your once flawless screen has a web of cracks on it. What happens next? You have to think about the best option for your mobile phone’s cracked screen repair.

If you find on the Internet which shop and repair shop you should choose, you will get confused by a huge number of opportunities. Mostly you get stuck between selecting a reliable shop for mobile phone cracked screen repair needs or buying a do-it-yourself phone screen repair kit. 

So, let’s examine your options first before taking a possibly dangerous turn: Comparing Do-it-yourself vs Professional Cell Phone Screen Crack Repair.

Is It Possible for You to Fix Your Own Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Repair?

It’s true that DIY phone repair has an allure. It looks easy enough: order a kit online, watch a YouTube instruction, and get to work fixing it! As a result, your phone is fixed at home. But wait, this is the truth about do-it-yourself phone repairs:

Gap of Knowledge and Skills

Replacing a phone screen involves dexterity; consider minuscule screws, flimsy wires, and parts no bigger than your pinky nail. You might have to bid your phone, including its screen, farewell with one misstep.

Difficulty with Replacement Parts

It can be a wild goose hunt to find the correct replacement parts. Inexpensive, generic parts may not fit precisely or perform as intended, which might result in further problems like ghost touches or flickering displays.

Problems with Warranties

Usually, breaking the phone yourself voids the warranty from the manufacturer. This implies that you will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs if you inadvertently harm anything else.

The Time Trap

Despite what those YouTube lessons suggest, it’s not as simple as they seem. It can take hours on the first try, even with flawless skills. You may find yourself without a phone for longer than you anticipated if you account for possible troubleshooting.

Benefits and Risks of DIY Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Repair

There are many DIY screen repair kits available online and in stores, offering a convenient and cost-effective fix for your broken screen problems. Before performing a do-it-yourself repair, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Cost: DIY repair kits are frequently less expensive than expert repair services, which makes them a desirable choice for anyone on a tight budget.
  2. Convenience: You can save time and hassle by repairing your phone from the comfort of your home with a DIY kit.
  3. Learning Experience: Trying a do-it-yourself repair can help you understand the inner workings of your equipment and be a wonderful learning experience.

But doing repairs yourself presents its own set of difficulties as well:

  • Risk of Damage: Do-it-yourself repairs may cause additional harm to your phone and possibly void any warranties that may still be in place if you don’t have the right equipment and knowledge.
  • Repair Quality: Do-it-yourself kits might sometimes yield repairs of a different calibre than those performed by professionals, which could result in problems like touch sensitivity problems or uneven screen alignment. 

Professional Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Repair Services

Using a professional repair provider could provide better outcomes and peace of mind. The following are a few benefits of choosing expert screen repair:


Skilled technicians can fix your phone precisely and dependably, restoring it to its previous state of excellence. They have the skills and experience to do so.

Warranty Protection

A lot of expert repair providers provide warranties for their labour, giving customers additional security and comfort.

Time Savings

Compared to do-it-yourself projects, professional repairs are usually finished faster and more effectively, reducing downtime and annoyance.

Professional screen repair does, however, come with some disadvantages.

  • Cost: If your phone is out of warranty, professional repairs may be more costly than do-it-yourself kits.
  • Restricted Availability: Finding a reliable repair shop in your area may be difficult, depending on where you live. This could cause delays in having your phone mended.

Solution at Just Repair – When Expertise Makes All the Difference

Let’s now discuss the worry-free option, which is expert mobile phone cracked screen repair from Just Repair. What distinguishes us is this:

  • Expert Technicians: Our experts in smartphone repair are skilled ninjas. They are skilled in fixing phones quickly and effectively because they have seen it all—broken screens, water damage, etc.
  • High-Quality Parts: We exclusively utilize OEM-approved, premium replacement components. This guarantees flawless compatibility and prevents future issues.
  • Warranty: You can rest easy knowing your mended phone is covered because the majority of our repairs are covered by warranties.
  • Time-Saving: In less than an hour, our skilled experts can identify and fix the majority of damaged screens. Just think of all the possibilities! Get caught up on emails, win Candy Crush, or just take pleasure in a life devoid of frustration.

Going Above and Beyond – Just Repair’s Repair Tour

Broken screens are but one of our many tricks. Here are some more explanations for choosing Just Repair for your mobile phone cracked screen repair needs:

  1. Free Diagnostic Check: Uncertain of the issue with your phone? Not a problem! To identify the precise problem and provide a clear repair price, we perform a free diagnostic examination.
  2. Data Protection and Restoration: Fearful of misplacing your priceless images and contacts? To ensure a smooth transition, we can back up your data prior to the repair and restore it afterwards.
  3. In-Progress Repairs: Most of the time, you can wait while your phone is repaired. Envision giving your phone a new lease of life while you peruse our assortment of stylish phone accessories or catch up on work-related emails.
  4. Transparent Pricing: We support honest and up-front pricing. No unpleasant surprises—you’ll be aware of the full cost of the repair before we ever begin.

The Ultimate Result – Just Repair vs. DIY

In the end, the decision is yours about what to choose DIY or professional mobile phone cracked screen repair. Keep in mind that repairing a cracked screen can involve more than just addressing a structural problem. It’s about saving yourself time and aggravation, safeguarding your data, and maintaining the worth of your phone. 

Helping customers re-establish a positive, fast, and cheerful connection with their gadgets is our passion at Just Repair. So, forget about the burden of doing it yourself and visit Just Repair. We’ll quickly have your phone functioning and looking brand new!

Tips for Preventing Screen Shattering on Phones

We all have faced such a situation when we needed urgent mobile phone cracked screen repair and we were short of money. So, we thought to avoid such a drastic situation by giving you some useful tips. Here are some helpful pointers to prevent future accidents on your phone’s screen:

  • A high-quality screen protector serves as a barrier against minor dents and scratches.
  • Seek for cases composed of materials that can absorb shock, such as silicone or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). If you want more screen protection in the event of a drop, think about cases with raised corners.
  • Think carefully about where you set your phone. Steer clear of leaving it on flimsy surfaces like counter or table edges.
  • It’s always a bad idea to carry sharp objects or keys in your pocket. Set up a specific pocket for your phone to reduce the possibility of scuffs or breaks.
  • Make it a practice to set your phone down on a stable surface whenever you sit down.

Just Repair – Your Partner in the World of Mobile

We understand that it’s impossible to consider our lives without smartphones. They enhance our daily routines, help us make memories, and keep us connected to our loved ones. A damaged screen may seem like a significant inconvenience. But do not worry! We at Just Repair are available to assist by offering reliable mobile phone cracked screen repair in Dubai and UAE. Our team of skilled technicians, premium parts, and quick repair services guarantee that your phone will be restored to working order before you have ever imagined.

Therefore, don’t give up the next time you encounter the dreaded phone drop. Proceed to Just Repair. We’ll identify the issue, provide you with an upfront estimate, and fix your phone so it functions flawlessly once more. A happy phone ultimately means a happy you, and at Just Repair, that’s what we’re all about!



We have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians to repair your gadgets. They are committed to providing you with the best repair services for your mobile phone at our just repair mobile repair center in Dubai.