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Golden Globes Live, a creation of Globe Journalism, Inc., stands as a prominent website and blog dedicated to providing users with live updates and insights into the prestigious Golden Globe Awards. With over fifty awardees and a focus on the most recent three major awards, the platform brings an immersive experience to its audience.

Features of Golden Globes Live Website

The website not only offers live blogging but also provides links for additional information about the writers of the articles. Users can follow the winners’ interactions on the site or explore their achievements in the Golden Globe Magazine.

Live Coverage and News Updates

Golden Globes Live doesn’t just stop at news updates; it also delivers live coverage of various Golden Globe Awards. This real-time reporting captures the excitement as awards are announced and during the live ceremony. Users can relive these moments through archived videos on the site.

The Golden Globe Awards Quiz

Engaging its audience, the site features a quiz covering movie franchises, cast, makers, and directors. Questions range from box office success to Oscar stage appearances, adding an interactive element for users to test their Golden Globe knowledge.

Background Information on Awardees

Beyond live blogging, the site offers valuable background information about the films, actors, and directors honored at the Golden Globe Awards. For instance, delve into the cinematic journey of Ben Affleck and his notable achievements.

Ben Affleck’s Achievements

According to Globe Journalism, Ben Affleck, a multifaceted talent, received recognition for his role in Armani Exchange and even secured the Best Director award for his work. Explore his filmography, including acclaimed movies like “Crazy Heart,” “Due Date,” and “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

VGMT’s Additional Offerings

The article sheds light on GMT’s broader contributions, featuring blogs about the Oscars and related events. This expands the site’s scope, allowing users to engage not only with Golden Globe content but also with the broader film industry.

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Three Years of Live Blogging

Golden Globes Live has been a trailblazer in live blogging, enabling users, celebrities, news outlets, and the public to share valuable information on the Globe. Explore the evolution of this platform as it celebrates its third year of facilitating this interactive process.

Oscar Insights from Golden Globes Live

In addition to the Golden Globe Awards, the site extends its coverage to the Oscars. Uncover exclusive insights, such as Angie Evergreen’s revelation about winning the Oscar for Best Director, providing a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Celebrities and Public Participation

Discover the unique aspect of public participation during the live coverage of the Golden Globe Awards. Celebrities, news outlets, and the public contribute to the vibrant discussion, sharing insights and information that enrich the overall experience.

Live Coverage Highlights

The article provides a glimpse into the best award-winning films and performances showcased during the live coverage. Additionally, it features the most popular trailers and photos submitted by individuals, capturing the essence of the web celebration.

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GMT Hub and Archive Section

For those eager to explore more about the Golden Globe Awards, the GMT hub offers a centralized location. The site hosts TV shows, including the Oscars pre-show and the award show itself, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience.

GMT’s Past Award Ceremonies

Delve into GMT’s history of hosting award ceremonies for directors, producers, actors, and musicians. These prestigious awards add to the platform’s credibility, attracting individuals aspiring to be recognized for their contributions.

Notable Awardees and Their Achievements

Highlighting key awardees, such as Ben Affleck winning Best Director for “Argo,” and recognizing talents like Brian Garfield and Morgan Freeman, adds depth to the article. It underlines the significance of these prestigious awards in the film industry.

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In conclusion, Golden Globes Live emerges not just as a platform for live updates but as a hub that enriches the viewer’s understanding of the film industry’s most prestigious awards. Its three years of live blogging, coupled with insights into the Oscars, make it a go-to source for film enthusiasts.


  1. How often does Golden Globes Live provide live coverage of the awards? Golden Globes Live offers live coverage both at the moment the award is announced and during the live ceremony.
  2. What unique feature does the site provide for users to engage with Golden Globe content? The site features a quiz that allows users to test their knowledge on movie franchises, cast, makers, and directors.
  3. What additional insights can users gain from Golden Globes Live, apart from live blogging? Users can explore background information about the films, actors, and directors honored at the Golden Globe Awards.
  4. Which actor was recognized for his role as Bruce Willis in the arty and winning Armani movie? Ben Affleck was recognized for his role as Bruce Willis in the movie “Man on the Moon.”
  5. How long has Golden Globes Live been facilitating live blogging, and who can participate? Golden Globes Live has been facilitating live blogging for three years, allowing participation from celebrities, news outlets, and the public.


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