HDMI cable for TV

Whether you are a techie or you simply love spending evenings watching the movies, there is a must for you to have a HDMI cable that will provide the highest quality of your TV. Now, with the advent of HDMI technology, it has been more convenient to share audio-video content even between different HDTVs for higher quality connections. In this article, we‘ll look at the difference of the HDMI cables for your TV from the types of connector to the latest models and give you our personal recommendations.




HDMI cable for PC

HDMI cables may have become a pleasant surprise for many in their USB if you want to get your Computer connected to a monitor or TV. They make the communication unhindered and trickle-free. This way, viewers can enjoy high-quality picture and sound transmission. In this section,we will show you everything that you need to know about buying an HDMI cable, if you are using a PC. Among other things, we would like to draw your attention to the variety of HDMI cables and connection types. We can also help you choose the HDMI cable suitable for your PC configuration.


HDMI cables


Not all the HDMI cables are equal in quality, they differ. Amongst the types of HDMI cables is. The reverse sentence indicates the different capabilities or outfitting of each type of HDMI cable. Knowing the HDMI cable types will assist you in buying the right one by using your knowledge. You’ll be confident about it. Let’s take a closer look at HDMI cables:Let’s take a closer look at HDMI cables:



Standard HDMI cables


The HDMI cables that transfer each celluloid frame normal resolution are the most popular option; those cables are ideally suited for home theaters and entertainment, for example. Resolutions as high as 1080p are still possible in terms of video monitoring where audio and video signals can also be received.



High-speed HDMI cables

High-speed HDMI cables have been engineered to offer excellent transmission quality in terms of resolutions and frame rates, thus they qualify well for gaming, streaming, and watching 4K content. The resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz are passed and thus give a color depth and more audio quality.


Premium High-Speed HDMI cables

If the best HDMI cables money can buy is what you are looking for, than premium high-speed HDMI cables will be your ultimate selection. They are designed for the needs of different customers by meeting certain performance criteria, such as -4K resolution, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and wide color gamut. This is the cable for pictures and audio that is superb for people who are after the best possible quality they can get.



Ultra High-Speed HDMI cables

Ultra High-Speed HDMI cables, which constitutes the new generation of the HDMI cable lineup, is the latest member of the HDMI cable family. They are chosen as one of the highest levels and standards, which support Hi-tech technologies like 8K format or 120Hz frequency. These cables are able to send and receive high-quality audio and video signals that are impervious to the different types of statistical reliability, therefore making them a wise investment towards the future.



HDMI cable connectors

When you are purchasing an HDMI cable for your entertainment device, pay attention to the kind of connector the cable has at the time of buying the product. The HDMI cable has provision for different types of connectors to accommodate variety of gadgets and the different setups. Here are the most common HDMI cable connectors:Here are the most common HDMI cable connectors:


Entertainment appliances that accept this type of connector (A-Type).


The ordinary HDMI connector or Hit as it is commonly called is, meanwhile, the most widespread connector in the industry. It boasts a 19-pins port and can be used with many types of TV, monitor, and home theater.



The smaller version of HDMI connector (Type C) that is designed to connect computer hardware and headphones.

The concept of micro HDMI, commonly referred to as ‘Type C’ port, is the only advantageous aspect from the size perspective with respect to the standard HDMI port. It is usually employed for seamless oldies usage on portable devices such as cameras and camcorders. If you have a device with Mini HDMI port, you will require mini HDMI to HD cable to link it to the monitor or your TV. They are used to connect various low signal-transmitting devices like cameras, laptops, tablets, and even video game consoles to display screens.



HDMI connector (Type D) with nano-sized electric linking pins.


The micro HDMI connector which is also called Type D may be your smallest connector since the mini HDMI connector. Mainly, it is going to support smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with it. A micro HDMI to HDMI cable will be required if you are in search of an interface to connect the mobile device to a larger screen.



HDMI cable for 4K

Since 4K content is in trend, to avoid inefficiency, the HDMI cable being supported by such higher resolution is definitely a necessity. A HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is specially dedicated to the 4K. Therefore you can appreciate high definition graphics without any reduction of quality. Thanks to those cables, they’re prepared to manage even 4K content and to have HDR functionality (High Dynamic Range), to achieve a very vivid realistic picture.



Best HDMI cables

Now that we have covered the different types of HDMI cables and their connectors, let’s take a look at some of the best HDMI cables available in the market:Now that we have covered the different types of HDMI cables and their connectors, let’s take a look at some of the best HDMI cables available in the market:


  1. Amazon Basics Speed High-Definition Multimedia Interface Cable


Classic Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI Cable comes with a reasonable price but the quality is intact. It is capable of promoting the resolutions to 4K and is one of the most preferred options for small multi-media projects.



  1. Belkin Ultra Clear Stretch HDMI Ultra HD High-Speed Cable


The Belkin Ultra HD High-Speed HDMI Cable is a top-quality product designed to give you the sharpest and clearest picture, as well as high-quality sound and vibrant colour accuracy. It is endowed with the 4K HDR technology and utilizes copper-clad connectors to transmit the signals with the highest quality.



  1. Audio Quest Cinnamon HDMI Cable, an advanced digital audio cable.

Audio Quest Cinnamon HDMI Cable is praised for being deluxe in terms of performance and build quality. It is renowned for its solid 1.25% silver-wrapped conductors and for its ability to output resolutions up to 4K.



  1. With Mono price Certified Premium HDMI cable at your side, you can enjoy unparalleled visual quality that can instantly bring your content to life.

The Mono price Certified Premium HDMI Cable is the most brand that matches excellence and apparent value. It gets certified for HDR 4K operation and runs pretty smoothly.


HDMI cable for projector

Owning a projector opens a whole new world of possibilities, and for many of us, the number of HDMI cables wouldn’t have crossed our minds. But having a decent quality HDMI cable is paramount to ensure the best possible picture quality. A high-quality HDMI cable can perform a key function which elevates the quality of the projected image to Next Level. Clarity and precision are what a projector sets out to deliver. Be a conscious shopper and buy the HDMI cable that suits the resolution and refresh rate of your projector and consider purchasing the one with HDR support if your projector is HDR-compatible.


HDMI cable for audio


Even though HDMI cables were firstly designed to transmit video signals, they also carry audio signals that provide the exemplary quality. It is important to choose an HDMI cable which can connect your audio system to your TV or devices having audio transmission features if you want to use this kind of cable. You should find an HDMI cable that is able to work with audio. Just to be sure, it is better to read the specifications too.


Hence, home theaters would be devoid of an HDMI cable, which facilitates interconnectivity between audio/video devices and the TV. It does not matter whether even if it is a HDMI cable for TV, PC, projector, or Audio Systems, by and large understanding the different types and connectors will help you make a correct decision. If you want to enjoy all your favorite Blu-ray movies, video games, and HDTV, replacing your standard cable with a premium HDMI will ensure the best possible display and sound. When determining the HDMI cable for you to purchase, be sure to consider your particular requirements and resources, and do not forget to review certain specs to ensure compatibility with your devices.