Best CBSE Schools in South Bangalore | NPS T. John School

“Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in South Bangalore. NPS T. John is the one that Provides Quality Education, Experienced Teachers. Admissions Are Open For 2024-2025”

At NPS Bannerghatta, we offer an exemplary high school education that has been tailored to the exact needs of our students. Our curriculum is affiliated with CBSE and follows a flexible approach so as to allow students to learn in the best possible way. We believe that students should not only have excellent academic knowledge but also grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically. Keeping this goal in mind, we offer physical education and health classes on a rotating schedule, helping our students develop healthy habits and stay fit.

Moreover, as one of the best CBSE Schools in South Bangalore, our board endorses innovative teaching methods which are student-centred. This means that our teachers motivate their pupils to be independent and take control of their own learning. The classroom activities focus on imparting critical reasoning skills, problem-solving strategies as well as thinking abilities so that students are able to exercise their minds in more creative ways. Similarly, formative feedback is provided by teachers for each class in order to ensure that all students are making progress at their own pace.

At NPS Bannerghatta, a CBSE school near Bannerghatta we believe that it is essential for us to create a learning environment which encourages the growth of young minds and helps them discover their true potential. Therefore, we have incorporated modern teaching practices such as flipped classrooms and use of technology in lessons which help foster creative thinking among our students. Additionally, we also have various extracurricular activities like music/art classes, sports tournaments etc., which provide ample opportunities for overall development of our pupils apart from academics.

To sum up, we strive to provide quality education at NPS Bannerghatta by focusing on both cognitive as well as mental development of our students through personalized learning experiences and modern pedagogical approaches. Henceforth making us one of the best CBSE schools near Bannerghatta road with excellent academic standards!

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