Are You A Candidate For Orthognathic Surgery In Coral Springs?

Key Factors to Consider

So, who’s in the running for this procedure? It’s not for everyone, but here are four factors that make you an ideal candidate for orthognathic surgery in Coral Springs:

  1. Jaw Misalignment

If your jaw seems to be on its own journey, not aligning properly when you bite, orthognathic surgery could be your ticket to a harmonious mouth. Aside from making you look good, the procedure can prevent serious issues caused by misalignment, including pain and difficulty eating.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Snoring like a freight train? It might be more than just an annoyance to your roommates. Severe sleep apnea, where breathing stops and starts throughout the night, can sometimes be alleviated with orthognathic surgery, giving you (and anyone within earshot) a peaceful night’s sleep.

  1. Facial Injury or Birth Defects

If you’ve had a facial injury or were born with certain conditions that affect the structure of your face and jaw, orthognathic surgery in Coral Springs might be recommended to restore functionality and appearance.

  1. Chronic Jaw Pain

Suffering from TMJ disorders or chronic jaw pain? When traditional treatments don’t bring relief, surgery might be the next step to consider.



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