List of the Best Traditional Singers from Pakistan in 2024

The music world is constantly evolving. This is why, there have been frequent new additions. Even 2024 has seen the release of diverse songs in multiple genres. Consequently, the traditional singers were not far behind. Abida Parveen, Naseebo Lal, and Attaullah Khan have released remarkable tracks. These songs are full of diverse folk tales, tunes, and bring a breath of fresh music. Thus, these singers are contributing a great deal to the music industry.

In addition, folk genre forms a large part of the music world. And the musicians are constantly expanding it further. Moreover, the folk artists’ exceptional vocals make them stand apart from the crowd. While sometimes, their lyrical compositions seem out of this world. No doubt, the choice of background music also plays a huge role in it. All these traits have brought amazing vocalists like Reshma, and Sajjad Ali under the spotlight.

What’s more, Pakistan is still producing new singers. Therefore, the folk genre is ever-green in the region. Nonetheless, their works also receive a huge applause. It is almost like this genre is re-introduced with a new look. However, here is a list of the best folk singers.

Best Traditional Singers of Pakistan

1)    Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen is crowned as “Queen of Sufi genre”. Her numerous compositions were deemed as the finest pieces of art in the music industry. Moreover, she is known for releasing popular folk songs in her career. Therefore, she enjoys the title of being among the most listened traditional singers. Recently, her new song, Jhoom Lia came out in April. Moreover, it has already swept away the breaths of 1M+ fans. So, the Tu Jhoom singer has once again proved how flawless her creations truly are. Her other top hits include, Naraye Mastana, Ho Jamalo, and Pardadari.

2)    Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi

Attaullah Khan Niazi is a highly skilled artist. He is the remarkable mind among the Punjabi vocalists. Additionally, he sings with a certain depth that makes his songs so relatable. Besides, he has a strong command over romantic songs or melodies for a broken heart. His fans know him as Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi. He has also released astonishingly soulful works. Bewafa Tera Muskurana, Kameez Teri Kali, and Ishq Mein, rank among his top songs. Nonetheless, he released Balo Batiyan this year with Ali Zafar. It is another one of his masterpieces with 8M+ views.

3)    Sanam Marvi

She is quite well-received artist of Sufi and folk songs. Sanam Marvi possesses the ability to sing in Sindhi, Balochi, and Punjabi. She has produced numerous finest tracks. Her best tracks include, Lalan Waleya Saiyan, Hairaan Hua, and Manzil-e-Sufi. In addition, the singer has brought out a serene Kalam as well. Kardou Karam is her joint work with Nabeel Shaukat Ali. It has also gathered 40M+ hearts into her fandom.

4)    Malkoo

Presently, this artist is a major hit in Pakistan. It is all thanks to his famous track, Nak Da Koka. Muhammad Ashraf Malik popularly goes by Malkoo. He has had a successful collaboration with Sara Altaf on many upbeat tracks. Furthermore, he has released another song to mark the start of this year. Gujrat Da Hero is gaining fame too. Nonetheless, he is one of the traditional singers who sings both folk and pop songs. Additionally, his other popular hits include, Kala Chasma, Udiyan Kunjan, and Tappay Reborn.

5)    Arif Lohar

He is the most skilled Punjabi folk artist. Furthermore, he carries a traditional musical instrument, “Chimata” (tongs). The Jugni musician is widely known in the country and across the border. Besides this, the singer has also produced the pop song, Aa. It has earned him a huge fame. Thus, the song got 110M+ views on YouTube. Nevertheless, his spiritual compositions continue to steal the spotlight. Thus, Alif Allah Chambay Di Booty has secured million of hearts. It was released in 2002 yet, it is still in.

6)    Shazia Khushk

This vocalist has brought out the melodious folk songs. However, Danah Pe Danah, and Ho Jamalo rank among her top tracks. Astonishingly, the artist has sung in multiple languages including Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, and so on. Apart from this, now she focuses on religious works. Her Lal Meri Pat has already won 33M+ fans over. She is quite a celebrated artist among the traditional singers. Her old all-time hits consist of Ameda Ranjhana, Tera Naam Lia, and Jaanana.

7)    Hadiqa Kiani

This artist is popular name in the drama industry. She has released quite a lot of drama OSTs. Although, she can be seen involved in soul-stirring Sufi Kalam as well. The singer has brought out Kamlee, Chaap Tilak, and a rendition, Bhit Ja Bhitai. In addition to these, 2021 produced another one, Jaanay Iss Dil. It has won millions over through its mesmerizing Qawwali style. However, she is internationally famous for promoting the Pashto culture through Jaanan song.

Final words

To conclude, Pakistan is rich land full of potential singers. Therefore, the folk genre is ever-green in the region. Moreover, the amazing list of traditional singers is long but here are the few gems of 2024. First of all, there is the queen of Sufi genre, Abida Parveen. Second is Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi – the producer of eternal heartbreaks. Sanam Marvi takes up the third place. She has a strong command on multiple languages. The fourth one is Malkoo, who is causing huge ripples right now with his pop songs. These creative minds have released new songs too.

Apart from these, there are other serene artists out there. For instance, Arif Lohar is a musician who brought out the top songs in both folk and pop genres. In addition, Shazia Khushk is a well-received artist of Sindh. Finally, Hadiqa Kiani marks the end of this list. Currently, she is quite submerged in the Sufi works.  Otherwise, the artist held a supreme position in the world of drama OSTs. What’s more, each one of these vocalists display the extraordinarily skills while renovating the folk genre.